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This is a very versatile gift set that you can treat yourself to and give to your friends or family. Ideal for any occasion!  You choose the 3 bars and included is a handcrafted Spanish Cedar Wood Soap Dish and a natural loofah scrubber.  We also have our lovely preset options below if in case you are unsure on what to get.

So nourish your skin & body and soothe the soul with probably the best soaps you will ever experience!  


Formulated with only the best ingredients and is carefully handcrafted with the highest level of quality and care.  

This Gift Set Includes:


  • Three Certified Organic Soap Bars 4oz of your choice

  • Three Natural Linen Drawstring Pouches with Descriptive Card

  • One Handmade Spanish Cedar Wood Soap Dish

  • One Loofah Sponge

  • Wrapped in cellophane and topped with a Gift Bow

NOTE:  Please indicate your three choices in the comment box at checkout, or choose from our easy-pick combinations below.

(Serenity, Orange Serenity, Soothing Sage)   The perfect stress reliever for someone who just wants to escape.

(Miracle Mint x 2, Soothing Sage)  

Feel your coolest with double the Miracle and one soothing spearmint.

(Citrus Bliss, Orange Serenity, Tickled Pink)

Citrusy, fruity trio so delicious that your skin will just eat it all up!

(Soothing Sage, Thyme Traveler, Jumpin’ Junipers)   Lots of herbal goodness to make clean, healthy soap stew!


(Citrus Bliss, Orange Serenity, Scrub-A-Dub)  

An orangy trio that will clean and make you feel bright as the morning sun.

(Oat Keeper, Jumpin’Junipers, Sweet Patchouli)

Indulge in aromatic, warm and earthy scents from musky, spicy to piney.

(Sweet Patchouli, Scrub-A-Dub, Black Beauty)

Get clean, refresh and moisturize after a hard day's work. 


(Lemongrass Tea, Soothing Sage, Scrub-A-Dub)

When life gives you lemons make lemon-aid! (pun intended)


(Sweet Patchouli – Lemongrass Tea – Scrub-A-Dub) A ratatouille of Patchouli that's sure to benefit & boost your senses.

Choose any 3 scents to make your perfect gift crate!  Please indicate your three choices at checkout.