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By placing an order with Good Health Tech, you are accepting our Shipping Policy.   We value your business and make every effort to ship your order within the time frame as specified in the listing.  You will be provided a Tracking Number by which you can track your order.  We usually process and ship your orders via US Postal Service International First Class or Priority Mail International within  24-48  hours of payment Monday through Friday unless stated otherwise. 

Orders will be shipped to the shipping address you provide on the order. It is the responsibility of the customer to review their shipping address and information for accuracy before completing the purchase.  If you put the incorrect shipping address after completing the order and need to ship to a different address, and we have not yet shipped your order, you will need to request to cancel the order, then place a new order reflecting the new shipping address. 

However, if we already shipped your order and you put an incorrect address, there is no way to change the shipping address once we ship your order. You will need to place a new order with the correct shipping address.  Refunds or exchanges will not be issued on the basis of an incorrect or undeliverable address. If a package is shipped back due to an incorrect/undeliverable address, shipping charges will not be refunded.

In the event that we are unable to create a shipping label for the address provided by the customer, we will attempt to contact you for an address correction via the e-mail you provided at time of order.  If no response is received within 24 hours, the entire order will be cancelled and you will be refunded in full.

We are not responsible for items that could not be shipped to their destination because of an incorrect or undeliverable address.

We will also not be held responsible in the event where your package is believed to be stolen or goes missing after the carrier marks it as “delivered”.  If you believe your package has been stolen or misplaced, it is up to the customer to file the appropriate claims with your local carrier company and file a report with your local police, if necessary. We will not issue refunds or replacements once the package is marked as delivered by the courier.

Each customer outside of the United States is responsible for any and all Customs/Duties/Tax fees due. We are NOT responsible for any Customs Fees, Duties or Taxes accrued nor will we be responsible undeliverable items because of a failure to pay said Custom, Duties or Taxes.  We are also not responsible for items that could not be shipped or delivered to your destination because of an incorrect or undeliverable address, or you refuse to pay any and all Customs/Duties/Tax fees, or you refuse a shipment or ignore requests from your local carrier or Customs, or is believed to be stolen or goes missing after the carrier marks it as “delivered”, or if product is restricted or have conditions in your country, or is held up by your local government or Customs Agency.  Customer is responsible to check their respective country’s restrictions or conditionsPlease also check: UPS Import/Export Regulations    FedEx Import/Export Regulations

In an event of a return or exchange:  Shipping costs, Customs/Duties/Taxes are NON-REFUNDABLE for International Orders.  Shipment that is refused because of unexpected import fees, the cost of the original shipping and any return shipping charges will also not be refunded.  We do not refund original shipping charges for goods that are refused for delivery at customs.




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