Hand-blended Organic Italian Seasoning – Made with pure dried organic herbs.  Non-GMO, no pesticides, no MSG, no preservatives, salt-free.  Packaged and sealed in heavy duty resealable mylar bag with oxygen absorber to prolong freshness and shelf life.

Organic Italian Seasoning 4oz in Resealable Mylar Bag

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$12.97Sale Price
  • Here is a superb Italian Seasoning mix that we blended by hand for you.  It’s made with all Organic spices:  Organic Marjoram, Organic Rosemary, Organic Mediterranean Oregano, Organic Basil and Organic Sage.

    Add Italian flair to your breads, sauces, pasta dishes, pizza, stews, potatoes, meats, sausages, vegetables, dressings and marinades.  Undeniable robust flavor!

    Packaged in a resealable, quart-sized heavy duty mylar bag and sealed with an oxygen absorber to maintain freshness and flavor longer.   So this is great to add to your long-term food storage. 

    Although spices do not spoil over time, they do lose potency.  Storing in cool, dark place, and in an air-tight container can extend and give you longer quality shelf life.  Remember, humidity, moisture, heat and sunlight will shorten the shelf life.

    Outer Dimensions:  7” x 8” x 3”

    Hand mixed with love.




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