Zinc is an essential trace mineral that helps your body to function properly and helps your immune system fight infection.  It also aids in creating proteins needed for strong tissue, bones, muscles and blood as well as essential for hormonal balance, thyroid function, metabolism, digestion, brain and eye health.   Being ionic, this Zinc is absorbed with greater efficacy, making this mineral highly available for the body to use.  


A must-have for the entire family!

Liquid Ionic Zinc 4oz

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  • This Zinc is in ionic form which has higher bioavailability, efficiency and absorption.  Specially formulated with zinc sulfate—a zinc form with the highest absorption rate.


    Zinc is an important element required for the chemical reactions of over 300 enzymes and is necessary for the proper functioning of your immune system. Your body needs zinc for protein synthesis, wound healing, hormone production and cell division.   


    Packaged in a 4-ounce glass bottle with dropper.