Give your products a professional look & offer your customers the confidence that your product is safe for use offering a tamper-evident seal.   This  size is hard to find.  Provide tamper protection for your health care products, skin care products, cosmetics,  sauces, dressings, condiments, honey, and more!

Black PVC Shrink Bands 70mm x 53mm Double Perforated

Pack Size
  • Shrink Bands are an ideal and cost effective way to provide tamper evident protection for your products. These 2 mils thick (50 microns) black shrink bands feature a double vertical perforation for easy removal. Shrink bands will fit wide-mouth bottles up to 1.5” in diameter. Each of the heat seals is made from shrinkable PVC plastic. 


    You will need a heat gun to apply shrink bands quickly, evenly and with a snug fit.

    Each stack is individually wrapped and sealed.


    Dimensions Laid flat:

    • In millimeters:  70mm (width) x 53mm (height)
    • In inches:  2.76” (width) x 2.09” (height)
    • Thickness:  50.8 µ (microns) or 2 mil or 200 gauge


    Shrink band measurements are taken when the bands are flat before application.  


    Please measure your product's diameter and circumference to ensure that the shrink band will fit.




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