Why get freeze dried or powder form when there’s canned butter and canned cheese?     Here is a dairy duo that is must have for any preparedness situation, food storage, camping, outdoors, or everyday home use.  If you have been looking to add REAL butter and REAL cheese to your long-term program, look no further!

Canned Cheese & Butter Combo Pack for Long Term Food Storage

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  • About Bega Canned Cheese

    This cheese is manufactured at the Bega plant in Bega, Australia. The people at Bega Cheese, have been making cheese since 1899, and have found a way to put great tasting, real cheddar cheese in a can. This product has a natural cream color, medium cheddar flavor and pleasing texture. It’s easy to cut, grate and slice and it’s delicious. There's no expiration date on this cheese and stays good for an incredibly long time 15+ years. It's packaged in Australia for folks who don't have refrigeration, like many outdoorsmen, survivalists and campers. Gourmet cheeses are aged in cellars for years to enhance their flavor; since this canned cheddar cheese is sealed in a sterile environment, there's no reason that it can't be stored and used indefinitely. Just keep it reasonably cool, protect it from freezing as with any other cheese, and safeguard the cans from outside moisture that could cause external rust-through.

    Each can contains 7.05 ounces of cheese (200 grams).  You can remove both ends of a can and just push out the 3-3/8" x 1-1/2" mini-cheese-wheel.

    Dairying began in Australia's Bega Valley in the 1850's, with each farmer selling the produce from his own dairy. In an effort to improve their individual production and marketing activities, local farmers banded together to establish the Bega Cooperative Creamery Company on July 15, 1899. More than fifty years ago, the good people at Bega Cheese found a way to put great tasting, real cheddar cheese in a can. As a result, the Bega brand is known today throughout the world. Their product has a natural yellow color, medium cheddar flavor, and pleasing texture. It’s easy to cut, grate and slice. This is real cheddar cheese like you would expect to find in the deli case at your local grocery store, and it’s delicious!


    About Red Feather Canned Butter

    Straight from the lush, green pastures of New Zealand to a table near you.

    If you have been looking to add REAL butter - not powdered or freeze-dried - to your long-term food storage program, then look no further. This butter is imported from New Zealand and tastes better than any gourmet butter. Very long shelf life. No refrigeration necessary, Conveniently stackable cans, High-quality gourmet brand.

    For generations, the distinctive red and gold Red Feather brand has reminded people of the delicious taste of pure Australian and New Zealand dairy butter. From country paddocks of rich green grass comes the milk that makes the butter that brings the fine flavors to Red Feather.

    Made by an Australian family company for more than seventy years, this is a taste with enduring appeal. From baking and cooking family favorites, to spreading on your favourite warm crusty bread, Red Feather will add a wonderfully buttery finish to everything you serve.

    Naturally, 100% pure Red Feather butter has no artificial colors or flavors, and for your convenience, it is available in traditional durable cans that do not require refrigeration or more modern wrappings that do. Discover the taste of Red Feather today.


    One COMBO Pack consists of 1 can of Bega Cheese and 1 can of Red Feather Butter.