Product Description

The Neuro is the world’s first transcranial-intranasal near infrared light (NIR) photobiomodulation device. It is based on the science of photobiomodulation, the utilization of low level photonic energy to stimulate mitochondrial function in neurons. It directs pulsed (10 Hz) NIR light energy to the hubs of the default mode network [ video ] (DMN) of the brain using optimally engineered light emitting diodes (LED).

Research on DMN abnormalities and related neuro-pathologies are highly advanced, providing useful data for us to further develop the Neuro. This enables us to photobiomodulate the whole brain by targeting the DMN hubs. The efficiency of targeting the DMN enables us to utilize fewer diodes in 4 cluster heads in specific transcranial areas and 1 intranasal diode (5 areas in total) to deliver low level photons to the targeted network hubs.

Research studies in photobiomodulation show that damaged neurons regenerate when NIR light is present. The wavelength of 810 nm, pulsed at 10 Hz has been found to be the most effective wavelength for photonic penetration and neuronal healing. In human studies, pulsed NIR stimulation augments mental acuity, cognition, sustained attention, affective state and working memory.[i]


Engineered for wearability, the Vielight Neuro comes equipped with a compact helmet(or headset), an advanced intranasal diode and a lightweight control unit(rechargeable through the mains).

The combination of easy-to-use design objectives along with powerful parameters makes the Vielight Neuro – a next generation near infrared device.


Expected Outcomes
The VieLight Neuro is a general wellness device that is designed to enhance mental acuity. The NIR energy should theoretically reach targeted locations at immediate locations on the line of sight of the NIR beams. The depth of penetration varies between different individuals. Although this invention is based on peer-reviewed research, direct clinical data based on the VieLight Neuro is pending. Until these studies are completed, we cannot predict medical outcomes with certainty although photobiomodulation with the incorporated parameters are known to be safe for human use. Hence no direct medical claim is made by VieLight Inc.




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The Vielight Neuro is the world’s first transcranial-intranasal near infrared (NIR) photobiomodulation device, engineered with microchip LED technology.  [watch video]

It is based on the science of photobiomodulation, the utilization of low level photonic energy to stimulate mitochondrial function in neurons.

It is engineered to emit pulsed (10 Hz) NIR light energy to the hubs of the default mode network (DMN) of the brain with embedded microchip technology light emitting diodes (LEDs).
The main objective is improved mental acuity and cognition without negative side effects.

Inventor's Notes

Read the inventor’s ideas behind the Vielight Neuro here


VieLight Neuro has not been examined by the FDA or other regulatory agencies. It is a low-risk general wellness product that does not require FDA clearance according to the FDA’s draft on “General Wellness: Policy on Low Risk Devices” – dated January 20, 2015.


Neurofeedback (QEEG Readings)
QEEG Brain Mapping of Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment with Vielight Neuro Readings


Package Contents

  • Compact helmet (headset)

  • Advanced intranasal diode

  • Lightweight control unit (rechargeable)

  • A/C Adapter Plug

    • Input:  100-240VAC ~ 50/60Hz  0.8A

    • Output:  7.5V DC---1A

  • User Guide


Also click here for Additional Vielight Neuro Instructions




Instructional Video:    (watch here)

Example Positioning: (watch here)

Analysis of how the Vielight Neuro affects EEG:  (watch here)


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