Comes with Spanish Cedar Wood Soap Dish



Now you have the chance to try our TOP 7 BEST SELLING SCENTS.  So indulge, pamper  and give yourself all the goodness of pure and natural ingredients! This also makes a lovely gift for anyone, for any occasion. 

Top 7 Best-Seller Gift Set consists of:

  • Miracle Mint

  • Citrus Bliss

  • Serenity

  • Orange Serenity

  • Lemongrass Tea

  • Oat Keeper*

  • Shea Le Butter**

  • 100% All Natural Soap Dish


Each bar is beautifully packaged in a recyclable and reusable natural burlap drawstring pouch stamped with our insignia and tagged with a deliciously eye-catching descriptive card. You will also receive a 100% natural Spanish Cedar Wood Soap Dish to protect your soap as our free gift to you!

*Due to oats, Oat Keeper is not gluten-free.

**Due to honey, Shea Le Butter in not vegan.

Handcrafted with love in the U.S.A.